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At Remington, we are renowned for moving the most eclectic of things. We offer a variety of special services, ensuring that we have an option for your moving desire. If we don’t have a special service you require, we’ll create one!

We specialize in carefully moving your fine art, antiques, pianos, packing and unpacking your items, and even removing your junk! We have different strategies to effectively perform the different special services we provide.

We even provide different types of services for different types of people, proving our commitment to individualizing your move. For example, we have a specific team trained to deal with senior citizen moving and another for residential family moving.

Our team is compassionate when dealing with these cases, and active in providing you with extra services relevant to them.

We offer the following special moving services:

Piano Moving: Remington is your preferred piano movers. We have the resources necessary for moving your piano carefully. Before we even touch your piano, we analyze it and strategize the most effective and careful way to execute the move. Your piano will be moved in a temperature controlled truck, guaranteeing the quality maintenance of your piano. Learn more about our Piano moving service options.

Furniture Moving: Remington will move your furniture in the most efficient, and careful, manner. We will provide you with the materials necessary to properly pack your furniture, and we will move it successfully. We even offer furniture installation options for those of you who request built in furniture. Learn more about our Furniture Moving service options.

Senior Citizen Moving: Remington is the only West Coast mover to offer such a service. We recognize that there are different requirements necessary to move our community’s senior citizens. The staff sent to complete this task is active throughout the process, ensuring that the senior citizens do not lift a finger. Learn more about our senior citizen moving services.

Fine Art Moving: When Moving art, it is imperative to be extremely careful. When you choose Remington to move your priceless art, you are choosing wisely. We have the resources necessary to carefully pack art, and protect it from any damage. We succeed in preserving the quality of your art, through our effective Fine Art Moving methods.

Antique Moving: Your antiques are often priceless, and always irreplaceable. When we move your antiques, we ensure that nothing goes wrong. We have the resources necessary to carefully pack your antiques, and transport them in climate controlled trucks. Our Antique Moving services are unparalleled!

At Remington, we are always thinking five steps ahead. If you tell us your moving into a retirement center, we will send our team to come and pack for you. We will offer you storage options, at low rates, in the event that you don’t plan on moving all your belongings. If you tell us you need to ship your piano, we will bring packing materials specific for securing pianos. Tell us you want to use our junk removal services, we will bring our recycling trucks.

No matter what you want to move, store, or warehouse, Remington will do the job right. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer you such services, and we are recognized nationwide for our success in offering you a dynamic list of services. Fill out our price quote and see which special service best suits you.