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We recognize how difficult moving anywhere, or deciding to store anything, could be. There are so many things to consider, measure, and discover. There are various external services necessary to get moving and storage jobs done right. Why should all this emotional weight be put on you? Isn’t the thought of moving or storing your items stressful enough!?

At Remington, we succeed in alleviating you of the moving and storage stress, by providing you with informative resources. Every member of our staff, no matter their title, knows how to help you plan your move/storage endeavor. When you choose Remington, you are choosing to rid you of both the physical and emotional weights moving/storing require.

We seek to provide you with various resources, to assuage you of the moving, and storage, stress. We provide you with Frequently Asked Questions, Customized Planning Services, and Informative updates.

At Remington, we are always thinking ten steps ahead, so you feel at ease. We encourage you to contact us, and see just how much we could help you with your individual moving/storage situation.

Remington Customized Planning

We provide you with Customized Planning services, effective in ensuring the success of your Remington moving, and storage, experience. Our customized planning service was created in an effort to help you.

Our customized planners are trained to deal with your personal moving, or storage, situation and devise an appropriate plan. They are trained to work under your budget, and create different service packages based on your requirements. Remington Customized Planners will create a detailed schedule for you.

Experience is Knowledge

Being that we are leaders in the California moving and storage industry, our staff has extensive knowledge of even the most eclectic moving, and storage, specifications. Our experience in the industry has alluded to this knowledge, and enables us to assist you.

We recommend that you seek out our help, and speak to our customized planners as well as staff. We assure you that we take you, and your moving and storage requirements, very seriously. We believe that there is no such thing as a silly questions, and we encourage you to ask us anything, and everything!