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Are you planning to move your home or office? Are you inundated with tasks, materials, and simply don’t know where to start? Do you need to get a lot moved/stored but for a low price? Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

We, at Remington Moving & Storage seek to help you every step of the way. Once you submit a quote, for your service of choice, you will be contacted by one of our customized planners. Each of our customized planners has extensive knowledge of all of our services, and specializes in creating different packages specifically for you!

Our customized planners know how to create organized, and correct, schedules for your moving and storage requirements. They create your schedule based on your preferences, and service requirements. Our customized planning service makes us unique, as well as assures that your Remington experience runs smoothly.

Our customized planning professionals are trained to strategically plan your move, and they offer solutions to almost every moving problem you might have. Our costumer service professionals’ main goal is to assist you, and ensure that your move with us will be organized, professional, efficient, and successful!

Remington Customized Scheduling

Remington Customized Planners are organizational gurus. They check every aspect of your move, and plan every detail ahead of time. They seek to provide you with a detailed schedule consisting of:

  1. The time the movers will arrive at your home
  2. The duration of the transportation of your moving, or storage, items
  3. The size of the Remington truck
  4. The amount of movers, as well as moving supervisors
  5. The duration of our packing/unpacking services
  6. Flight, and shipment, details for long distance and international moves
  7. A detailed list of tasks you should complete prior to the move
  8. And Much more!

Our customized planners think of everything, so you don’t have to! They succeed in alleviating you of the moving, and storage, stresses by strategically planning every detail.

Our staff will always carefully adhere to your personal Remington schedule, ensuring the success of your Remington moving, or storage, experience!

Customized Price Packages

At Remington, we believe that everyone deserves full service quality moving and storage, and so we seek to make our quality services affordable.

We offer services such as, packing, unpacking, antique moving, and international moving. We want to make you part of the Remington family, and we will not turn you away due to financial constraints.

In fact, our customer service professionals are trained to construct affordable packages for your moving specifications. If, lets say, you seek cleaning services, but cannot afford it, we will work with you and offer you partial cleaning services, or a smaller cleaning staff. This allows you to receive our quality services, and afford them as well!

Our customized planning services are renowned to have helped many clients move successfully.