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Services Packing/Unpacking

Moving your home or business could become a strenuous, costly, and very time consuming. One of the things people hate most is packing! Hence, we created a professional packing/unpacking service that will do it for you!

Remington’s Packing and Unpacking Service will organize, clean, categorize, label, and arrange your things so that you will be stress-free, and the packing process will run strategically. We do it all, and will work with you to create a price that fits your budget. Now, have you ever heard of another moving company that does that? We haven’t!

Safe Packing Methods

Don’t let your valuable belongings experience the pain and suffering of unwise packing, and violent moving. Take the proper steps to protect your household goods moving day damage, and hire us to pack your valuable items. Whether you plan to pack on your own, or use the packing service offered by your moving company, correct packing is crucial to the safe arrival of your goods.

If you decide to pack yourself, please keep in mind that all damages then become your responsibility. With that in mind, you may wish to have our moving company pack only the most delicate, sentimental, and valuable items to ensure their security.

As one of California’s leading relocation companies, Remington has mastered every detail of proper packing. With a trained and certified packing crew, we will protect your belongings by using high-quality materials and proven methods.

Professional Unpacking Services

Unpacking is sometimes more stressful than packing! When you unpack, you are also organizing your new space. Deciding what belongs where, and in what position, and this alone can be very time consuming. Having to unpack on moving day is almost impossible, for there are various other tasks you must complete.

When you hire Remington’s unpacking services, you can have your stuff unpacked, and in their new locations, that very same day! Imagine having your home ready and livable without having to lift a finger.

Affordable Packing/Unpacking Solutions

Compared to the time and stress packing/unpacking will take you, hiring a professional to do it for you is relatively inexpensive. We are eager to provide you with full service, or partial, packing services.

For a surprisingly low cost, Remington professional packers will pack your items in a strategic manner. They will divide, categorize, and label your things. They will label boxes, and ensure that everything is packed in the safest manner. Upon arrival at your new home, Remington professional packers will unpack them for you and place them as per your delegation.