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Moving Tips Useful Tips & Info

Whether you’re moving across the street, or across the world, moving can be overwhelming! Here, at Remington, we seek to rid you of some of the stress that moving entails. As strategy gurus, we believe that if you strategically plan your move, you will endure a stress- free moving experience.

Additionally, we provide you with full service conduct, and various external services that are designed specifically to help you. As your full service mover, we, at Remington, seek to cater to all of your moving needs. However, there are a few things that only you can do! Before you embark on your journey (literally), we suggest you read these helpful moving tips. Our Moving Tips & Information are successful in helping you encounter the ultimate, and stress-free, Remington moving experience.

Effectively Plan Your Move

Moving is stressful! The best way to minimize that stress is to plan plan plan! Once you have your date set follow this two month organized plan, and see just how stress-free your move will feel! Of course this plan is not subject to two months, feel free to complete these tasks anytime before your move!

  1. 8 Weeks To Move: Organize: Organization is the key to a smooth, and stress free, move. The more details you plan prior to your move, the less problems you will experience on moving day!
  2. 7 Weeks To Move: Supply Collecting: If you are planning to pack your items yourself, start gathering materials such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap and markers.
  3. 6 Weeks To Move: Start ridding your current location of all your unwanted junk, and unnecessary items. Even call us to remove it for you!
  4. 5 Weeks To Move: Start thinking about your new home and how you want to lay it out. Start categorizing your items based on their location in the new home. When you pack, label the boxes so Remington will put them in the right places for you.
  5. 4 Weeks To Move: Make sure all travel arrangements are in place for move day. If your moving to a new country, make sure you have a way of getting to your desired location.
  6. 3 Weeks To Move: Contact the Post Office and notify them of your change of address. Also don’t forget to notify your friends, family, and affiliations!
  7. 2 Weeks To Move: Make a list of the items you want to take with you yourself. While we trust our movers, we advise you to take your smaller valuables such as jewelry, cash, and gold yourself.
  8. 1 Week To Move: Make sure that all reservations are confirmed, and that all your items are properly packed. Back up all your computers and files, just in case. Most importantly. relax! Your using Remington! Remember?
  9. Moving Day: Make sure all your pets are in a closed room, keeping them safe from the moving chaos. Make sure your kids have an activity to do.
  10. Post Move: You did it! Make sure all your electronics, air conditioning/heating, and electricity is working properly. Begin unpacking in an organized fashion by doing each room individually. Start organizing and familiarizing yourself with your new location. Find out details like the day the garbage is collected, and who makes the best pizza in town.

If you have any other concerns, or feel as if you would like more details about our services, or tips, feel free to call us! We, at Remington Moving & Storage are here for you!

Storage Planning Tips

  1. Make sure your items are packed neatly based on category.
  2. Label all your storage boxes, and take a detailed inventory lists of all items inside. This prevents you from forgetting what you placed in storage, and validates that all your items are there when you retrieve them.
  3. Double wrap your valuables ensuring that nothing gets damaged.
  4. Reserve your storage pick up date, and communicate with the movers regarding your items.

Remember, Remington provides storage packing and unpacking services that specialize in taking care of all these storage details. Feel free to call us with any storage planning questions. We are here for you, and we will plan every step (even unrelated ones) of the storage process with you.