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Services Local Moving in South California

Remington Moving & Storage is considered one of the best local moving companies in Los Angeles and Orange County and provides professional moving services to thousands of customers each year. Our professional, caring and efficient local movers are trained to provide you with high quality service.

Local relocation is our specialty, and we pride ourselves on our ability to successfully move you locally. This is what we do most, and what we do best. We can accommodate your local moving needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are so familiar with the roads, that we succeed in moving your items in record time. Our staff won’t get lost, run late, or miscalculate when moving you locally. When it comes to local moves, Remington is the way to go.

We also have the ability to move you with little notification – our last-minute re-locations are as successful as any other. We will have our customized planner contact you and devise a strategic, and affordable, local moving plan for you. We will update you throughout the moving process, ensuring your satisfaction. An on-site free local moving estimate from Remington Moving & Storage provides you with a detailed estimated cost for your local move.

In order to better service you, we possess the most modern, up-to-date, and state-of-the-art equipment. At Remington Moving & Storage, we understand that on-time pick-up and prompt delivery are keys to a successful and satisfactory local move.

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Your Local Moving Company

When you choose Remington as your local moving company, you’ll receive quality moving services from our local movers.
To make moving even more convenient for you we also have moving boxes and moving supplies available.

The packing of your valuables is of the utmost concern for our moving professionals. We supply you with packing supplies that the professionals use to guarantee safe arrival of your belongings.

Remington Moving & Storage goes out of our way to make sure you have a great moving experience. Our founders built this company on quality customer care, fair and honest pricing, and superb moving services.

Years later we are still moving families across town, state to state and even around the globe. The level of service we provide is amongst the highest in the moving and relocation industry.

Here’s why we stand out from the rest:

  1. Local moving in Los Angeles and Orange County
  2. We care about delivering a stress-free move
  3. We tackle moves small and large, with any level of complexity
  4. We offer the best possible value for your moving budget
  5. Furniture placed and set-up in your new home
  6. We do not require all drawers to be emptied
  7. Courteous and quality trained personnel
  8. Quality service at low prices
  9. Complete packing and unpacking services offered

Affordable Local Moving

Remington Moving & Storage strives to provide you with an affordable full service moving experience. We, at Remington, believe that everyone deserves high quality services, and so we seek to make our services affordable. Moving locally requires a lot of time, preparation, and money.

Remington will thus work with you to devise an affordable local moving plan unique to you. We don’t turn you away for having a low budget; rather, we embrace it. We work to create a service package that is under your budget.

We also provide you with options! You can choose the size of your truck, the number of movers, if you want a supervisor, or if you want external local moving services. Your ability to choose enables you to pay for what you are using only. This is an effective way that Remington helps you save money.

Quality Local Moving

Remington’s Local moving team has devised strategic methods that make your local moves successful. Our trucks are always checked and are of high quality. The materials we use when moving you locally are state of the art, and usually new.

Our staff is professional, with uniformed attire and pleasant conduct. The supplies we provide you with are new, and of the best out there.

We, at Remington, are always planning and organizing your local move. This ensures that we are never late and are always well prepared.

At Remington, we believe that high quality service is essential for every local move. We are renowned for our professionalism, and our unique methods.