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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Remington Moving & Storage recognizes that when you seek storage or moving services, you are probably inundated with questions. In an attempt to help you in the moving, or storage, process we have put together a few frequently asked questions, and there answers.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Q: When should I book my move?

A: The earlier, the better! Its beneficial for you to give us four to six weeks notice prior to your move, so we could plan your move strategically. The more lead time you give us, the more flexibility we have in terms of financing your move and timing. However, we do offer last minute moving and storage services. No matter when you call us, Abbey Road values you and your moving and storage assignment.

Q: Why should I fill out the quote form?

A: Submitting a quote, on our website, is very beneficial to you. In this form, you can specify the type of move, or storage service, you are seeking and request a price estimate. It also shows you what types of space options we offer for your items, and the different types of price/service packages you create.

Submitting a form also shows us that you are seeking moving/storage services, and allows us to contact you to devise an appropriate storage, or moving, plan. Keep in mind, that the price given to you upon submitting the quote, is not always the exact price you pay. You have the advantage of speaking with a moving consultant to create a package, and price plan that could even be better than the one given to you online! Rest assured, however, at Remington Moving & Storage we don’t surprise you with extra service fees and charges. Prior to beginning your moving, or storage, task we will agree on a final price package.

Q: When is the best time to move?

A: Our busiest times of the year are usually during the summer, the end of every month, and holiday seasons. During these periods we usually use all of our vans, equipment, and personnel. We don’t believe that there is a ‘best’ time to move. The best time to move usually depends on your schedule and the dynamics of your move. For example, if you and your family are moving to a new city, it is probably best that you move before the school year begins so your children acclimate in their new town.

However, if you do yearn to move during one of our busiest time periods, we encourage booking the move with us in advanced. When you book ahead, you secure all aspects of your move, and ensure that all will go as planned. Nevertheless, we are committed to serving you, and even if you contact us last minute we will work with you to create your moving plan.

Q: What is special about Remington storage facilities?

A: Remington storage facilities are the top of their class. The storage facilities are secure to the ground, and thus can endure the toughest weather. The storage units are built in different sizes, which guarantees that you won’t pay for extra unused space. Climate controlled storage facilities is something unique to Remington. Your items, no matter what they are, maintain their quality when stored in a climate controlled environment.

Our storage facilities are also monitored using CCTV safety equipment, validating the safety of your items. Additionally, Remington is the only storage company to monitor your items individually, ensuring their maintenance.