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Services Commercial Moving & Relocation

At Remington, we know how important corporate moving is to your business. For commercial relocation specifically, time is of the essence. It is imperative that your commercial move gets done right, and quickly. Remington provides unparalleled commercial moving services designed to save you time, money, and stress.

When you fill out our commercial relocation quote, we will immediately contact you with one of our commercial moving consultants. Our commercial moving consultants will work with you to create a strategic plan for your commercial relocation. All the details of your move will be organized prior to the day of the move, ensuring maximum efficiency.

We will provide you with our commercial moving services during non-working hours, preventing you from losing valuable work time. We provide commercial packing, and unpacking services as well as commercial furniture installation.

We are familiar with the dynamics of office buildings, and so we have devised methods that ensure that your commercial move runs smoothly. For example, our staff is professional and seeks to create as little noise as possible, so that other companies in your building do not feel our presence. We also transport your commercial moving materials in rolling carts, maximizing the amount of materials we can carry while simultaneously minimizing the timing it takes us to do so.

We have the expertise, the devotion, and the strategies to handle your corporate move in the most professional and successful manner. We are committed to you, and your business, and we go to great lengths to assure your customer satisfaction.

Remington Commercial Moving

When completing your commercial move, it is crucial that we perform successfully. There are several key ingredients that ensure the productivity, efficiency, and overall success of your move. The following are just a few commercial moving strategies unique to Remington:

  1. Organization – Remington’s staff are organizational gurus. We plan your entire move ahead, to guarantee that no problems arise along the way. Our commercial moving organizational consultant will contact you and devise a strategic commercial moving plan for you.
  2. Special Commercial Moving tricks – We have the right tools and equipment to make your office move and commercial relocation as easy as a possible. We thought of everyone, and have created commercial moving methods that move your office quickly, quietly, and carefully.
  3. Supervision – A commercial moving coordinator is assigned to your corporate relocation in order to supervise your move. Your coordinator will guarantee that none of your office belongings are lost or damaged, as well as assure that our movers are working according to your specific commercial relocation plan.

Professional Movers

When you choose Remington for your home/house move, you can expect complete service from delivering the first moving bins to ensuring the last whiteboard is mounted properly. With our availability seven days a week, your downtime is minimized so that you can get back to life as usual.

Reliable Movers

Reorganizing within your current house/home? We can accommodate any size residential move, from one books to pianos! No matter how large or small your home, we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

We offer:

  • 1. Fast and efficient response to your requirements
  • 2. Packing and unpacking of contents available on request
  • 3. Recycled computer bags used for packing all wires, keyboards, mice etc
  • 4. Plastic moving bins made with 100% recycled material and provided free of charge
  • 5. Professional bonded and uniformed employees
  • 6. Availability seven days a week, including evenings and weekends