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Los Angeles County’s Best and Cautious Antique Movers

Remington Moving and Storage the best moving company in Los Angeles County, with professional antique movers, who will handle your valuable antiques with the utmost care and attention. Antiques are aesthetic additions to your home, and they hold important sentimental values to you. Therefore, you must choose the right movers to transfer your antiques. We have more than 30 years of experience transporting treasured antiques, such as chairs, desks, saw machines, sofas, wood products, mirrors, pictures, and much more. Your antiques are just as important to us as they are to you.

While transporting your antiques, our movers drive extra carefully. They drive on flat roads and make sure to break smoothly. Even if the movers endure rough roads, your antiques will remain safe and unharmed. The Remington trucks are climate controlled, so the quality of your antiques is maintained. The Remington movers position your antique in the safest place inside the truck, protecting them from any damages.

Remington’s antique moving service is undoubtedly the best. We are the only antique moving service committed to the safety of your antiques. At Remington, we recognize that antiques are irreplaceable. We do everything to guarantee that mistakes do not happen, so that you may enjoy your valuable antiques for the years to come.

100% Successful Antique Moving Services in Ventura and Orange Counties

Before moving your antiques, Remington will protect it using a special paper wrap. Remington is the only antique moving service in Ventura County and Orange County to do this. Wrapping your antiques is an effective and crucial antique protecting step. Remington antique movers have devised an antique moving technique that has so far generated 100% efficiency. We provide you multiple antique movers, as well as an antique moving supervisor, hired to oversee the moving process. By providing you with an antique moving supervisor, we are ensuring that our skilled antique movers move your treasured items carefully.

Our antique moving service will treat your antiques with the highest quality of care and professionalism to their designated location. Our expert antique movers value your antiques just as much as you do! We will take the extra steps that ensure the safety of your treasures. Whether it is a handcrafted antique or an item with a variety of complicating edges, Remington Moving & Storage will customize crates and use the necessary protection equipment to shield and shelter your valuables during the moving process. Contact us today to sign up for our antique moving services and check out our great reviews!